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(also Occupy Currency)


[edit] Introduction

50 Occupy Hours (design study)

Already in October 2011 Occupy Wall Street activists started to discuss its own currency or alternative money. A dedicated currency would enable the Occupy movment to implement their own ideals aside of the current system:

  • debtless money sourcing: money is issued at no cost, no interest or debt (unlike federal banks today)
  • money may have negative interest, e.g. loses value with time, e.g. 1% per month or half-year; this would be an incentive to spend money and let it circulate and not accumulate (see also Miracle of Woergl)

[edit] Naming

  • Occupies (OCC)
  • Occupy Dollar, OCD or OC$ or simply O$
  • Occupy Hours / Minutes (OH, OM) (see also Minuto)
  • Occcu (see below)

See also Occupy Money Design of possible graphical designs of bills.

[edit] Decentralized Issued

Regional or self-issued currency would be a decentralized approach:

  • Regional currency would be issued by a local "central" hub, quasi central, but it has only a local scope and application; regional currency acting decentralized.
  • Self-issued currency, see Minuto Currency, where you write or sign your own IOU or promissory note - literally create your own bill.

[edit] Centrally Issued

[edit] Occupy Central Bank (Issuer)

A body would require to issue actual cash or debit-card like electronic container to spend and receive money. A body such as a Occupy Central or Reserve Bank would control the total amount of currency among other tasks.

As a start the Occupy currency it could be introduced with one of following base values:

  • 10 O$ = 10 Euro (at the initial start) or
  • 10 O$ = 1 hr time of work (5 O$ = 30min, 3 O$ = 18min, 2 O$ = 12min, 1 O$ = 6min, 0.50 O$ = 3min, 0.25 O$ = 1.5min) or
  • 12 O$ = 1 hr time of work (6 O$ = 30min, 3 O$ = 15min, 2 O$ = 10min, 1 O$ = 5min, 0.20 O$ or 20 Ocents = 1min) or
  • 1 hr time of work = 1 OH = 60 OM (bills 1/2/5/10/20/50/100/200/500/1000 OH, 20/10/5/1 OM)

As a matter of avoiding currency trading speculation, such Occupy currency could not be bought or sold for any national currency. It could be open for trade or exchange to alike currencies, e.g. local currencies with alike quality of debtless and negative interest rate.

[edit] Participating Parties

A paypal-like electronic bank would be easy to setup: spend and receive money with a browser and internet connection - that would be a minimal investment of infrastructure for individuals as well businesses.

  • virtual goods (downloadable apps, music, movies, etc)
  • real goods (local work, local business such as groceries, farmers, doctors etc)

[edit] Occupy Clearing Houses

Clearing houses would operate trust points to handle inter Occupy Bank transactions.

[edit] Occupy Banks

As next Occupy Banks would operate as trust broker:

  • put cash, e.g. local currency or Occupy currency into your account
  • get credit or invest money via the bank at no interest, but for handling fee (monthly or yearly cost) - no exponential debt anymore

See also:

  • Metacurrency.org, building the tools and technology platforms to open source the next economy - currently just concepts

[edit] Decentrally Issued

(place holder)

[edit] Real Life Examples

[edit] OCCupy CUrrency (OCCCU)


The current management of money results in the creation of a vast and enduring global underclass that can barely make a living, regardless of how hard they work or how much money they manage to save. Formerly, the still prominent Dollar was backed by gold or the Euro by the value of its economic strength, today the central banks are printing banknotes to perpetuate the global financial casino, where 99% of us have been moved in debt relations.

In 2004, the Terra initiative suggested a global currency based on a basket of goods, backed by multinational companies. Inspired by the GraDiDo project, the OCCupy CUrrency values community work with a base income and taxes members sharply to finance public services. OCCCU is intended as a starting point for further discussions as a complementary to traded currencies and regional alternative money initiatives. OCCCU can be used immediately anywhere. It innovates the way we do business and also values community or family work.

See more at

OCCCU is technically fully operational since January 2012. It gratifies users with 100 occ basic income and applies 25% demurrage each month. Transactions can be done offline and online, SMS gateway is underway. To keep the basic income account, identification is required to prevent abuse.

[edit] Literally Occupying Money

See the great examples of Occupy George or Occupy USD:

[edit] See Also

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